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Confidential Counseling Now Available for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners in Marion & Polk counties.

MPCMS Membership is encouraged, but not required.

Who is eligible

  • Physicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurse Practitioners (APNs)
  • Members of MPCMS
  • Non-Members
  • Medical providers with the above credentials actively practicing in Marion or Polk counties

What is it

  • Safe harbor for those in need
  • Professional counseling by doctorate level psychologists & psychiatrists with extensive experience in the unique needs of medical practitioners
  • Quickly accessible, initiated only at your request
  • Confidential with minimal record keeping
  • No insurance billed
  • Up to 8 one hour counseling sessions at NO cost
  • Both telemedicine and local face to face visits are available

Why is it needed

The practice of medicine is a highly stressful occupation, yet healthcare providers seek help to a much lesser degree and at a much later stage than other professional groups. Not only is this deleterious to themselves, but also to their families, their patients, and overall, the profession itself.
If you or a colleague are experiencing feelings of:
  • Depersonalization
  • Emotional exhaustion
  • Reduced personal accomplishment
or have lost your passion for medicine & often wonder why you went into it in the first place, please call 541-242-2805 to make an appointment. It is completely private & confidential.

How does it work

Your call to 541-242-2805 will be answered by an experienced professional. They will help you to make either a telemedicine appointment or refer you to a local provider for a face to face appointment. If you seek immediate consultation, highly qualified clinical staff are available to speak to you by phone. Our local providers are committed to making contact with you within 48 hours of your initial call and to accommodating your busy schedule & unique needs regarding confidentiality. All those seeking services are eligible to receive up to 8 one hour counseling sessions at no cost. Our local providers will be reimbursed by the Marion-Polk County Medical Society for services rendered, via our fiscal agent The Foundation for Medical Excellence. There is no cost to you or billing of insurance. If you have additional questions please feel free to call MPCMS at 503-362-9669.

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